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My NEW book on poverty released and on sale

IAP—Information Age Publishing Inc, is pleased to announce that we have just released the following new books:

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Musical Childhoods of Asia and the Pacific

Edited by: Chee-Hoo Lum, Nanyang Technological University.
Peter Whiteman, Macquarie University. 

A volume in the series: Advances in Music Education Research

Editor(s): Linda K. Thompson, Lee University. Mark Robin Campbell, SUNY at Potsdam. 

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Musical Childhoods of Asia and the Pacific agglomerates stories of young children’s music and musicking from around Southeast Asia and the Pacific. A collection of truly unique traditions are interrogated through a variety of contemporary methodologies. Readers are privileged to hear about children’s musical worlds from children, mothers’ musical worlds from mothers, a struggle to engage with music in a closed society, and new gender politics, among other stories. Researchers share experiences and insights gained from applying their chosen methodologies and add to the debate that shapes the continually transforming domain of music education research.

Musical Childhoods builds on the diverse inquiry presented in the first three volumes in the series. This volume is an important addition to the libraries of colleges of education and schools of music, as well as music scholars and educators, researchers, and graduate students who are concerned with advancing both the scope and quality of research in the study of music teaching and learning.
Learning From Media 2nd Ed.
Arguments, Analysis, and Evidence

Edited by: Richard E. Clark, University of Southern California. 

A volume in the series: Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education
Editor(s): Charles Schlosser, Nova Southeastern University. Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University. 

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Richard Clark’s observation that “…media are mere vehicles that deliver instruction but do not influence student achievement any more than the truck that delivers our groceries causes changes in our nutrition” is as misunderstood today as it was when first published in the Review of Educational Research in 1983. The convincing if little read scientific evidence presented by Clark has divided the field and caused considerable concern, especially among the providers of newer media for learning.
A collection of writings about the “media effects debate,” as it has come to be called, was published in 2001. Edited by Clark, Learning From Media was the first volume in the series “Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education.” The series editors are convinced that the writings of Clark and those who take issue with his position are of critical importance to the field of instructional technology, Thus, a revised, second edition of Learning From Media is now being offered.
The debate about the impact of media on learning remains a fundamental issue as new mediated approaches to teaching and learning are developed, and Clark’s work should be at the center of the discussion. The critical articles on both sides of this debate are contained in Learning From Media, 2nd Edition.
Reframing Financial Literacy
Exploring the Value of Social Currency

Edited by: Thomas A. Lucey, Illinois State University.
James D. Laney, University of North Texas. 

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Scholarship related to financial and consumer education largely concerns itself with the acquisition, management, and growth of financial resources. In a global setting that witnesses increasing competition for natural resources, along with diminishing appreciation for human rights, a challenge for financial and consumer educators involves developing foundation for bettering individual wealth in manners that respect all members of a global society.

Reframing Financial Literacy fills this need by providing literature that examines a broad view of financial literacy by connecting financial practice with issues of citizenship, along with personal and professional identity. It relates these issues to educational theory and practice to provide the reader with information about the relevance of improving social worth, while bettering financial wealth.
Contemporary Voices From The Margin
African Educators on African and American Education

Edited by: Omiunota N. Ukpokodu, University of Missouri-Kansas City.
Peter Ukpokodu

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Traditionally, American educators and communities have looked to Europe and Asia for ideas for rethinking and reforming education for America’s diverse children. This book, Contemporary Voices from the Margin: African Educators on African and American Education, brings together new voices of diverse African-born teacher educators and Africanist scholars who share personal experiences as well as researchbased perspectives about education in Africa and America that will be valuable to rethinking and reforming education for America’s struggling schools. The book is a comprehensive work of experienced educators and scholars in the field of teacher education and African Studies. The editors of the book invited a diverse group of African-born teacher educators and scholars from different countries of Africa who teach in the U.S. The contributors share a common African experience, but they are geographically diverse in countries of origin and research. Their knowledge about African communal living as well as colonial powers and imperialism as they operated in various African countries enables them to compare and contrast various educational models and practices, including traditional ones. They are also diverse in their fields of specialization but have expertise in multicultural education, urban education, and culturally responsive pedagogy that have become the focus of U.S. discourses in public education and teacher preparation programs. Given that these scholars were born or socialized, and educated in, as well as, taught schools and colleges in their respective African countries before settling in the United States, they bring a wealth of experience and insights into what it means to successfully educate children and youth.
Advances in Special Education Research and Praxis in Selected Countries of Africa, Caribbean and the Middle East

Edited by: Kagendo Mutua, University of Alabama.
Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, University of Alabama. 

A volume in the series: Research on Education in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East
Editor(s): Kagendo Mutua, University of Alabama. Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, University of Alabama. 

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This edited volume explores various issues pertaining to the education of children with disabilities in Africa, the Caribbean and Middle East. As a group, persons with disabilities have been subjected to social, cultural and educational exclusions of various forms and for various socially-scripted reasons. In education, for instance, individuals with disabilities have been altogether excluded from educational participation in many parts of the developing world or they have been excluded from pursuing meaningfully beneficial higher levels of education in developed countries like the United States. One of the social responses/remedies to the widely-acknowledged exclusionary practices experienced by learners with disabilities has been the widespread implementation of inclusive practices in the education of individuals with disabilities across countries, in the west and the developing regions of the world. A distinctive marker of difference in the way inclusive practices have been enacted in western countries versus those in the developing world has primarily stemmed from the fact that majority of western countries operate under funded mandates that also regulate the provision of education to persons with disabilities. While the ideal of inclusion has been highly desirable, many of countries in the developing world have floundered in their implementation due to lack sound legislative framework to guide implementation coupled with socio-cultural factors related to negative perceptions of disabilities and limited funding sources. Chapters in this volume explore inclusive education from a variety of perspectives.
The Bilingual School in the United States
A Documentary History

By: Paul J. Ramsey, Eastern Michigan University.

A volume in the series: Research in Bilingual Education
Editor: Liliana Minaya-Rowe, University of Connecticut. 

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This much-needed volume is an edited collection of primary sources that document the history of bilingual education in U.S. public schools during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Part I of the volume examines the development of dual-language programs for immigrants, colonized Mexicans, and Native Americans during the nineteenth century. Part II considers the attacks on bilingual education during the Progressive-era drive for an English-only curriculum and during the First World War. Part III explores the resurgence of bilingual activities, particularly among Spanish speakers and Native Americans, during the interwar period and details the rise of the federal government’s involvement in bilingual instruction during the post-WWII decades. Part IV of the volume examines the recent campaigns against bilingual education and explores dual-language practices in today’s classrooms. A compilation of school reports, letters, government documents, and other primary sources, this volume provides rich insights into the history of this very contentious educational policy and practice and will be of great interest to historians and language scholars, as well as to educational practitioners and policymakers.
Ignoring Poverty in the U.S.
The Corporate Takeover of Public Education

By: P. L. Thomas, Furman University. 

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Ignoring Poverty in the U.S.: The Corporate Takeover of Public Education examines the divide between a commitment to public education and our cultural myths and more powerful commitment to consumerism and corporate America. The book addresses poverty in the context of the following: the historical and conflicting purposes in public education—how schools became positivistic/behavioral in our quest to produce workers for industry; the accountability era—how A Nation at Risk through NCLB have served corporate interest in dismantling public education and dissolving teachers unions; the media and misinformation about education; charter schools as political/corporate compromise masking poverty; demonizing schools and scapegoating teachers—from misusing the SAT to VAM evaluations of teachers; rethinking the purpose of schools—shifting from schools as social saviors to addressing poverty so that public education can fulfill its purpose of empowering everyon e in a democracy; and reframing how we view people living in poverty—rejecting deficit views of people living in poverty and students struggling in school under the weight of lives in poverty.

This work is intended to confront the growing misinformation about the interplay among poverty, public schools, and what schools can accomplish while political and corporate leadership push agendas aimed at replacing public education with alternatives such as charter schools. The audience for the publication includes educators, educational reformers, politicians, and any member of the wider public interested in public education.
Pedagogies of Deveiling
Muslim Girls and the Hijab Discourse

By: Manal Hamzeh, New Mexico State University. 

A volume in the series: Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society.
Editor: Curry Stephenson Malott, West Chester University. 

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Manal Hamzeh’s book, Pedagogies of deveiling: muslim girls & the hijab discourse, presents an exploration of a gendering discourse, the hijab (veil) discourse, and how it was negotiated by four girls who self-identified as muslims. Pedagogies of deveiling emerged over a period of three years writing up a 14 months long study in which Hamzeh collaborated with four muslim girls in two US southwestern border towns between October 2005 and December 2006. This book stems from the stories of these four muslim girls weaved with Hamzeh’s stories and perspectives as arabyyah-muslimah, the main researcher in the study—an “insider/in-betweener” educator/researcher who is literate in the cultural/linguistic/historical nuances critical in working with Muslim girls and their communities.
Pedagogies of deveiling offers an alternative approach to research and pedagogy with muslim girls in which the taken-for-granted hijabs in the sacred text and their inscriptions on the bodies of these girls are deveiled, or problematized, rethought, questioned, and countered. As such, what this book offers is first critical to muslim girls themselves because it shatters the phobia and the impossibility of reinterpreting of some canonical Islamic sacred texts in relation to the hijabs and gender.
Esperanza School
A Grassroots Community School in Honduras

By: Eloisa Rodriguez, Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Francisco Morazan. 

A volume in the series: Research for Social Justice: Personal~Passionate~Participatory.
Editor(s): Ming Fang He, Georgia Southern University. JoAnn Phillion, Purdue University. 

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   * Hardcover 978-1-61735-690-2 Web Price: $73.09
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In Esperanza School: A Grassroots Community School in Honduras, Eloisa Rodriguez takes us into the daily lived experiences of members of a community school, Esperanza School, situated in a rural area in Honduras. Her work engages readers in a critical analysis of what Esperanza School represents for the community. Rodriguez explores the characteristics that have made Esperanza School a community school; in vivid, life-like detail, she describes how Esperanza School functions as the heart of the community by providing opportunities for impoverished youth to attend the school, facilitating relationships with a nearby orphanage, and developing professional development workshops for rural teachers. Rodriguez narrates the story of Esperanza School’s establishment, interactions within the community, and the characteristics of the school personnel that illuminate the social justice mission of the school and create new possibilities for the community. Throughout Rodriguez di scusses how Esperanza School represents hope for quality education in this community, and ultimately, in her country, Honduras.

Unlike many studies on community schools, this book deals with the reality of the community and the school’s impact on the community. The book compliments and extends the existing literature on community schools by focusing on the students’, teachers’ and founders’ experience of studying and working in Esperanza School. Rodriguez has been involved with Esperanza School for ten years; her personal passionate commitments to this school, and to her country, are illuminated in stories of her participation in the school. Through a multicultural and cross-cultural narrative inquiry methodological framework, a deeper understanding of the ideological, cultural and educational experiences of creating a community school, working in one, and the impact of having a community school are presented. A philosophical framework developed from the work of Paulo Freire and John Dewey provides an analytical lens to examine schooling in Honduras. The picture that emerges from this book provides a guide for ways to make a difference in the Honduran educational system and other developing countries.

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