Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Writer's Bookshelf

One the primary tools for any beginning or veteran writer is a bookshelf of works that help us become and grow as writers. I will begin a list of recommended books here and add as often as I can. This post will be accessible through a "Writer's Bookshelf" link on the right at all times.


The Art of Fiction, John Gardner

On Becoming a Novelist
, John Gardner

On Writers and Writing, John Gardner

On Moral Fiction, John Gardner

Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande

Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott

On Writing, Stephen King

Liberating Scholarly Writing, Robert Nash

On Writing Well, William Zinsser

Style, Joseph Williams

The Writing Life, Annie Dillard

Making Comics, Scott McCloud

Reading like a Writer, Francine Prose

The Faith of a Writer, Joyce Carol Oates

Negotiating with the Dead, Margaret Atwood

The Art of the Novel, Milan Kundera

Writers on Writing
, The New York Times

Writers on Writing II, The New York Times

Inventing the Truth, William Zinsser

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  1. Where is Strunk & White's Elements of Style? :)


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