Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing is rewriting

Spent four hours this morning rewriting the introduction to my Parental Choice? book. Most of my writing involved rethinking what I have already put down.

Also, most of my writing is done while I am going about my day (and night). My brain drafts and brainstorms nearly continuously once I have committed to a project. How I wanted to re-vision this book (the original idea was a book TO parents about choice, but the new book is more broadly about choice and to all the stakeholders in education) was tumbling around in my head for the past two days, and with the Tour de France having an off day, I was eager to get up and write.

I am often accused of not working (people don't tend to understand the work of an academic and writer), but after four hours of writing, I am shot. . .not saying this is like roofing a house, but writing is fairly draining. . .

More as I go. . .

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